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LGI is a lightweight GUI library and application framework. It supports cross-platform widgets, threads, Unicode, a multi-language resource file in XML (with graphical editor), drag and drop, common dialogs, network support with implementations of common protocols, and an HTML control.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  18 Nov 2004 10:20

    Release Notes: This version added tooltip support and a hand cursor, sped up the rendering of text, added more HTML documentation, and fixed some screen update issues in the edit control. The HTML table layout algorithm was rewritten, a drag and drop bug was fixed, and the GFile object was improved to handle files larger than 2 GB. The directory code now works with files of between 2 and 4 GB correctly. PNG transparency support was fixed, header sniffing support was added to the image loader, and GSocketImpl::Accept was fixed.

    •  10 May 2004 07:52

      Release Notes: Buffer overruns and memory leaks were fixed along with minor bugs in the edit and tree widgets. Support for the KDE crash handler was added, the behavior of sockets under Linux was improved, a lot of Doxygen-generated API documentation was added, and the code was reorganised into a Unix library style directory layout. Cursor support was added to the Linux port and all of the widgets were moved into their own files.

      •  10 Feb 2004 06:30

        Release Notes: This release cleans up some of the headers, class implementations, and code. It adds a skinning library interface with a default skin and a multi-column menu layout. The library initialization code is now much faster. Some bugs were fixed in the network code, as were some focus appearance issues. Drawing text into bitmaps of a different bit depth to the screen was fixed. More classes are binary compatible between versions. Most controls were changed to cache the layout and glyph substitution of text, yielding better performance.

        •  02 Jan 2004 07:03

          No changes have been submitted for this release.


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