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LesserWiki is a TiddlyWiki style Wiki engine using Ajax. It is a Rails application.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  21 May 2006 10:02

    Release Notes: The bug where WEBrick replies with "Bad Request" was fixed. The frozen Rails and DB adapters were excluded from the vendor directory. Some other minor bugs were fixed.

    •  13 May 2006 17:02

      Release Notes: Totally rewritten based on Rails 1.1. The Wiki stylesheet has been coordinated with TiddlyWiki's. Displays colorized tiddlers more modestly than before. The sidebar and main menu now reload their contents upon creating or updating a tiddler. The sidebar tab's contents now support pagination. "close others" is added to a tiddler's menu. All text will be selected when edit mode is started. Cancel edit by double-click the tiddler's background. Owner login and permission check are now supported. Timezone configuration is now available. Error messages pop up on the top right corner of the display.

      •  20 Oct 2005 13:50

        Release Notes: An administration page was added. The settings are now saved in the database rather than in config/site.rb. The cache file is now created also when the tiddler is created or updated. A tag field now supports autocompletion. An input form is now disabled while processing an HTTP request. Some minor bugs were fixed.

        •  13 Aug 2005 12:06

          Release Notes: This release fixes a bug that made "new tiddler" not work.

          •  12 Aug 2005 18:16

            Release Notes: I18n support (Japanese message resource has been added). Support for site title and xml:lang configuration. Tag support (using TagCloud). The permalink URL /wiki/title has been changed to /tiddler/title. The RSS feed does not use a pre tag when render=on is specified. "Loading.." is shown while tiddler is loading. The display of search results has been changed. Permalink is supported for tags and search results. HTML output has been cleaned up.


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