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Less is a program similar to more, i.e. a terminal based program for viewing text files and the output from other programs. Less offers many features beyond those that more does. For instance, it allows backward movement in the files as well as forward.


Recent releases

  •  15 Sep 2013 13:55

    Release Notes: Allows backslash escaping of metacharacters in the LESS environment variable if the --use-backslash option is set. Doesn't quit if syntax errors are found in command line options. Increases the sizes of some internal buffers. Fixes a configure bug with --with-regex=none. Fixes a crash with "stty rows 0". Fixes a Win32 attribute display bug. Fixes a display bug when using the up/down arrow on the command line.

    •  18 Sep 2012 14:47

      Release Notes: Various improvements and fixes.

      •  02 Aug 2011 14:31

        Release Notes: A bug in unget handling that can cause strange effects on the command line was fixed. Vestiges of the obsolete -l option that can cause a crash were removed.

        •  17 Apr 2011 20:26

          Release Notes: The search behavior was changed to also include the target (top) line. The option "-A" was added to allow reverting this behavior. The "%F" prompt format string was added for showing only the last component of a file's path. Editing a command can now be exited with Ctrl+G. Handling of long options was improved, The percentage calculation for very large files was improved. Several minor bugs were fixed.

          •  31 Jul 2009 19:51

            Release Notes: The -# (--shift) option now accepts a fraction as an argument. A highlighting bug when underlined/overstruck text matched at end of a line was fixed. Non-regex searches with Ctrl-R were fixed.

            Recent comments

            18 Jan 2003 01:09 ed_avis


            One of the features of less is piping the file to be viewed through a filter program (usually called before viewing it. This means that gzipped files can be decompressed, troff source formatted, HTML rendered into plain text, and so on. Typically is a shell script which runs different filters depending on the input filename.

            The standard distribution of less does not include a, but there is one included in the less package from Red Hat ( (and related distributions) and another with Slackware. Wolfgang Friebel's ( is unusual in that it uses file(1) to look at the file's contents.


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