Comments for Legal Case Management System

23 Oct 2008 13:44 legal_user

hey guys, i'm a bit new to web technologies so i was wondering if i can get a hand in being able to install this case management for windows

24 Nov 2007 16:09 incho

Re: GREAT system!!

Can you send me the code? I am trying to change the system to a social/law case management for inmigrants. Tis is a project for a NGO non profit.

The problem is that I can't add text fields to the form of clients or cases.

Can you help me?

12 Nov 2006 21:28 adaminnj

GREAT system!!
Thank you guys for this project easy to install, work with, and great responces to emails.

easy to edit (I'm working on changing it to an immigration law system) and just very well thought out.

Keep up the great work.


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