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17 Aug 2000 14:50 akrennmair

Leetnux is actually derived from LinuxFromScratch. I was
planning to install Linux totally from scratch on my new
system, but then I thought about the problem that I don't
have a complete development environment on a bootdisk.
So what is the most obvious thing to do? Precompile the
most important parts of the system, to get a basic
development environment that can be extended by simply
installing additional source packages. If you had tried
Leetnux (and I know, you haven't! :-), you would have
seen that actually _nothing_ is preconfigured, except the
init scripts. But even the init scripts are so simple, that
they can be remodelled completely. So you can, sometimes
you even have to, configure everything by yourself and you
will learn to know your system _really_! I've heard many
things about ROCK Linux, unfortunately I never had the
time to try it out, but what I really like is this auto-
build function, that downloads the latest packages from
the net and compiles an ISO-image of a bootable,
ready-to-install CD. But that's the point: ROCK Linux always
uses the very latest components, devfs (the /dev/hd/a1,a2,.. thing),
2.4.0-test?? kernel, etc. I want to have a stable system,
only use tested and long-used components. This is
also common in the Debian distribution, and this is
a point why Debian is so great. Though this leads to
long release times (e.g. from Slink to Potatoe 18 months),
it makes the distribution the most stable one.

17 Aug 2000 03:15 karellen

I guess it's just different from Rock Linux. What I didn't
like at Rock Linux was the /dev/ directory. It had devices
like /dev/hd/a1,a2,...,h20. I won't use a distribution with
that has changed everything I know about devices.

16 Aug 2000 20:34 gregh76

My question to the developers of this project is this:

What will set this apart from Rock Linux (

Rock Linux basically aims to be the same thing, AFAICS. Please correct me if I am wrong and I mean that honestly, because I applaud the effort.

16 Aug 2000 20:10 mattbee

So... er... what does this /do/ for you?
I mean, if you're that l33t, why are you using a distro in the first place? Those nice GNU / Linux people supply all their stuff in source form, dammit, so cross-compile from another OS and install it all that way, why don't you? :-)


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