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ldapuseradd is a set of utilities that aid in the management and deployment of user accounts with support for plugins to manage requirements. The LDAP user management toolset uses a highly configurable user group profile system to distinguish targeted services. It is like an LDAP-based useradd/mod/del drop-in replacement with modular features. It scales well from small businesses to ISPs, hosting providers, and universities.


Recent releases

  •  21 Nov 2011 23:03

    Release Notes: This release adds an option to print randomly-generated passwords, fixes a malloc bug causing ldapusermod to change uidNumber/gidNumber erroneously, and adds -fPIC to "src/hooks/" to support building on 64-bit Linux.

    •  16 Sep 2010 06:54

      Release Notes: This release adds support to execute external scripts/programs upon user account creation or deletion (hook_script plugin). It also includes more well-defined log levels, as well as major documentation and licensing updates.

      •  06 Apr 2009 03:23

        Release Notes: This release contains documentation updates. A Debian package has been created.

        •  01 Mar 2009 17:57

          Release Notes: Support for custom runtime variables in the schema templates. Support for numeric or textual group specifiers in both the config file and on the command line. Man pages and other documentation have been created. More efficient logic to compare current and modify secondary group membership. LDAPv3 support. Bugfixes.

          •  25 Jul 2008 18:32

            Release Notes: This release updates primary and secondary group memberships if you rename a user or group. It adds many bugfixes, mostly related to libldap error handling, extensive usermod/groupmod testing and enhancements, and new logic for managing multiple email domains.


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