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ldapdns is a robust DNS server that forwards DNS requests to your LDAP directory. This means that changes to your LDAP directory will take affect immediately (no intermediate commands to run, and no cron jobs to wait for).

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  31 Dec 2004 06:56

    Release Notes: This release features DomainKeys support, LDAP URL support, and a few bugfixes.

    •  20 May 2003 23:46

      Release Notes: This release offers a major code cleanup, and was largely re-written to take advantage of a smarter LDAP client library (built in, so there are no external library dependancies) and transport independance, but is not ready for general use. In fact, this announcement is more to remind everyone that LDAPDNS isn't dead, and to get people reporting bugs in the CVS code.

      •  26 Nov 2002 18:16

        Release Notes: There are bugfixes for the *bsdish systems (handling of mktime) and initial Debian support. There were also some changes made that will affect (hopefully positively) the use of AXFR, so if you use AXFR, do upgrade. For everyone else, it's completely optional.

        •  11 Oct 2002 20:42

          Release Notes: This release has bugfixes for Solaris users, init script changes for SuSE, syslog now works after chroot(), and fixes for a few other minor issues.

          •  30 Aug 2002 08:18

            Release Notes: This release includes two bugfixes, easier to use AXFRs, a few minor changes to DNS ordering, a correctly returned NXDOMAIN, some timing bugfixes for extremely low loads, and a couple of other minor things.


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