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LCD4Linux is a small program that grabs information from the kernel and some subsystems and displays it on an external liquid crystal display.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  24 Feb 2007 19:11

    Release Notes: New displays are supported. Major enhancements were made.

    •  11 Jun 2005 06:44

      Release Notes: New LCDTerm, LCD-Linux, SimpleLCD, Trefon, and serdisplib drivers were included along with statfs and python plugins. min() and max() functions were added. Multiple displays are now supported with the HD44780 and the software-controlled backlight is now supported on the HD44780. Displays with different internal layouts can now be used with the M50530. Plugins are now initialized on first use, fixing I2C and MySQL warnings on startup. Evaluator speedups were mdae.

      •  09 Jan 2005 13:13

        Release Notes: This release is built around an 'Evaluator', which is a subsystem that can evaluate mathematical and string functions, and can be extended with 'plugins' (which simply provide new functions to the evaluator).

        •  19 Sep 2003 06:16

          Release Notes: This version now supports icons. You can even create your own animations using these icons, or a heartbeat display. Minor enhancements are support for HD44780 4- bit-mode, an improved HD44780 timing, and double- buffering for all drivers (which should improve performance and lower CPU load a lot).

          •  14 Aug 2003 08:08

            Release Notes: uClibc is now supported. The program now handles its own PID file. Some compiler warnings were cleaned up.


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