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LCD-Linux is a Linux software abstraction layer to drive LCD alphanumeric displays. It features complete VT102 console emulation and aims to be as general and flexible as possible. It consists of two kernel modules, lcd-linux and the display driver. Currently, only the Hitachi HD44780 is supported, but drivers for other LCD controllers can be easily written.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  04 Jul 2010 16:50

    Release Notes: This release features minor improvements and bugfixes. It also implements minor modifications to follow the differences in the configuration of recent Linux kernels (some header files are no longer available).

    •  15 Jun 2009 09:44

      Release Notes: This release mainly features three improvements. First, the DECOM mode (ESC [ ? 6 h and ESC [ ? 6 l escape sequences) was implemented. Second, buffering for CGRAM character generation was implemented, thus reducing to the minimum the number of bytes actually sent to the display. Third, the LCDL_IOATTR ioctl was implemented to be able to read and write character attributes on the display, in a way similar to the /dev/vcs and /dev/vcsa devices. To conclude, the documentation has been updated and some small bugs have been fixed.

      •  17 Jan 2009 17:22

        Release Notes: This release mainly fixes a bug in the hd44780 driver when driving displays with more than one controller onboard. In addition, there are minor optimizations and simplifications in the driver. An incorrect scroll behavior in the lcd-linux module was also corrected.

        •  13 Sep 2008 17:32

          Release Notes: The HD44780 driver has been heavily optimized. The four HD44780 operation modes (4/8 bit with or without busy-flag check) are now implemented as four totally separate functions. Modes are selected by way of a pointer-to-function table. This results in an extremely short execution time, leading to negligible load on fast computers and acceptable load on very slow processors. Minor bugs have been fixed in the lcd-linux module. Compatibility with Linux 2.6.26 has been added.

          •  25 Mar 2008 20:24

            Release Notes: This release fixes a stupid bug that prevented attributes from being rendered on attribute-capable displays. The kernel internal read/write functions have been improved, and now allow you to choose whether to have a read/write buffer with or without attributes. The lcdcon module is now at a usable level, giving the opportunity to use a display as a small text console. The documentation has been clarified.


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