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30 Mar 2012 06:49 qaz001

Really Cool App!

28 Jun 2003 23:24 v9

Re: lbreakout2server security issues...
nevermind, he got the email. just going on vacation it seems. :)

28 Jun 2003 18:29 v9

lbreakout2server security issues...
i emailed the author about the bug, i guess he didnt get it? as the issuses are still present in beta3....maybe he will read it here.

exploit and info:

30 Nov 2002 05:48 pstrader

Fun for the entire family
I, too, am a sucker for breakout games and this
one is just great. Even my wife loves it. When my
daughter got a little bored one day I pointed her
at the editor for creating new levels, and she's
now merrily creating new levels. Who says
education can't be fun :)? Thanks for a very
creative piece of programming.

17 Dec 2000 06:35 firstmagic

much fun!
I'm always a sucker for breakout type games, and I have to say this particular version is a lot of fun. :) The sound seems to be a bit out of sync, but that's fine by me, I just play with the sound turned down. The variety of the various 'bonus gifts' that drift down to you makes it a lot of fun.


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