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Launcher is an all-in-one file handling solution for use with any software that uses file type to file handler mappings. This utility is the one point of configuration for programs like Netscape, the dfm filemanager, kfm, wmfinder, tkArchive, or tkmail. Features include MIME types architecture, multiple type-discovery methods, apache mime.types parsing for extension mapping, URL, directory, executable handling, and GUI-based disambiguation.


Recent releases

  •  29 Jan 2000 08:24

    Release Notes: Startup overhead reduced, moved to mime-magic instead of magic.mime to match RH distribution's comprehensive file, choice dialog now shows up under the mouse, updated included, fixed emacs wrapper bug.

    •  07 Jun 1999 14:41

      Release Notes: The Launcher now has a complete configuration GUI. A couple small bugs have been fixed, including one that broke some netscape commands. Parent-directory-of-file may now be specified for handlers.

      •  09 Apr 1999 02:34

        Release Notes: New --compressed option for peeking inside compressed files, some default mapfile additions, a file command output handling bugfix, and more mundane keybindings in the GUI. Included (optional) "emacsw" wrapper to emacs and emacsclient in case emacs users want more efficient behavior for editing.

        •  27 Mar 1999 06:53

          Release Notes: Brand new Manpage for all your quick reference needs, and reworked around a semi-bug which caused Netscape -remote calls to reject file/URL parameters due to strict quoting requirements.

          •  10 Mar 1999 19:54

            Release Notes: New --showtypes option allows the Launcher to be used as a commandline MIME file typer, --nowait, --all, and --default options can now be set in the config file and squashed bug handling executable-but-unreadable files.


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