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latencytest allows one to benchmark scheduling latencies of audio-apps during high system load (GFX output, /proc filesystem access, heavy DISK I/O) The program outputs HTML pages containing GIF charts of the measured scheduling latencies during each system stresstest. The goal of the benchmark is to have a tool to help optimizing the kernel for realtime multimedia apps. Actually it benchmarks the scheduling latencies of a PCM playing thread which runs with SCHED_FIFO realtime priority, but I plan to include other subsystems, like MIDI I/O , serial I/O etc.


Recent releases

  •  11 Sep 1999 17:43

    Release Notes: Added benchmarking of Realtime clock (RTC device) using async notification via SIGIO, added automatic scaling of the diagrams to better fit the results. Check out the excellent audio-latency results (2.1ms) obtained with the new low-latency kernel-patches at the homepage.

    •  07 Jul 1999 03:21

      Release Notes: some BUGS fixed, and generic timer compile option added for compilation on non-Intel architectures.


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