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The LANdb Network Management Database provides network managers with an N-birds-with-one-stone solution for cataloging all network hardware, hosts, and connections in a MySQL (or Oracle) database. The application provides an easy-to-use, Web-based frontend with multiple levels of access to data in a multi-user setting. The database is searchable by a number of different parameters (switch, closet, building, port, jack, and custom query).


Recent releases

  •  09 May 2001 17:12

    Release Notes: Bugfixes in code, and few minor changes to the DB schema.

    •  27 Sep 2000 23:28

      Release Notes: Lots of random HTML output cleanup, a few new functions in, cleanup of nis1.txt (which is now used directly by the installer), and lots of other bugfixes.

      •  05 Jul 2000 17:00

        Release Notes: A rewritten installer to fix some problems with installations.

        •  30 Mar 2000 18:50

          Release Notes: A complete overhaul of the Attributes system, which now provides a common framework for customization of all network objects, port trunking support, a preliminary Host Manager (the most commonly requested feature addition), CSV scripts for easy conversion of spreadsheet data, several UI improvements and speed-ups, and bugfixes.

          •  16 Mar 2000 16:07

            Release Notes: This release adds a fix for Adding Building Attributes not dying if $DBI::errstr, the ability to remove building attributes, a bug fix in Search by Switch with cable numbers being repeated, the ability to delete jacks, updated deletion of media types that removes these media from the ports, added media support for duplexing, the ability to delete buildings, a check in Add Switch to make sure a closet is defined, a fix for removing cards from a switch not properly updating the jack table, the ability to delete switches, and other misc. updates.


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