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Linux Animation and Movie Player

LAMP is a movie player based on different libraries, namely avifile, smpeg, libmpeg2, libmpeg3, and Xanim. It allows one to play lots of different video files (.avi,.mpg,.mov,.vob). It can use Windows Codecs to decompress AVI files, and Xanim codecs for Quicktime movies. It can also be remote controlled using the Real Magic Hollywood+ remote control.


Recent releases

  •  30 Aug 2000 14:36

    Release Notes: An RPM binary is now available. Bugs with the Video Mode Switching and the Xanim plugin were fixed.

    Recent comments

    27 May 2004 20:57 wbthomps

    Player for Flash/MPEG/various audio files
    Has anyone run across a player which can play full screen and transition video or audio in different formats (i.e. flash, adobe, mpeg) smoothly without going black trying to load a player to play next video????

    13 Sep 2001 21:01 peetster

    Excellent program. Easy installation. A good point to windows codecs and how to install them. Full window movies on my laptop. If you are a fan of .mpgs or .avis, a must have.


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