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LambdaRogue is a rogue-like role playing game set in a strange underworld. Men and the species of Drekh'nar once lived peacefully together on Earth, both not far away from reaching the stars with spaceships. A misunderstanding led to war before these dreams could be realized. After a long and bloody battle, a peace treaty was created, forcing mankind to go underground. Mankind has lost the most of its technological knowledge, but Ahna, a priestess, is searching for the Book of Stars, which could bring humans back to the surface and beyond. And you are Ahna's agent.

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Recent releases

  •  17 Dec 2011 16:40

    Release Notes: Besides a more clever AI, rebalanced magic, and numerous small additions, bugfixes, and tweaks, the update introduces a significantly enhanced profession and religion system, with unique powers depending on profession rank. There is a new tileset, new effect icons, new GUI elements, and new character portraits. Ever wondered why Thanan betrayed the Temple? Ever wanted to know what the real story behind the Crystal of Redemption is? And ever asked yourself which role Eris really plays in the ongoing events? This update has all the answers.

    •  03 Jan 2011 18:13

      Release Notes: This release brings a new chapter that concludes the main storyline, including a new area with new enemies to explore. It's now also possible to craft special items from collected resources. The inventory and its UI have been improved Finally, everything is presented with a new artwork style, including graphical intro and ending sequences.

      •  03 Apr 2010 09:44

        Release Notes: This version introduces ways of interaction that have long been missed, namely item combining and throwing. Additionally, some minor bugs were solved. Balancing has been worked on again to optimize difficulty in the mid-game.

        •  05 Sep 2009 11:08

          Release Notes: The graphical mode is now in 800x600 or 1024x768 and is optimized for netbooks. Resolution changes were made, and window/fullscreen and tileset selection do not require a restart anymore. The interface was improved with a configurable quickbar and new minimap. Lots of critical bugs were fixed. Lots of new quests were added. A new, separate dungeon was added. Many new items were added, including shields and boots. Dozens of balancing tweaks were made. Among them is the reduction of dungeon level size to speed up gameplay.

          •  01 Oct 2008 23:57

            Release Notes: Unique and rare items have to be identified, as well as potions found in the dungeon. There are new monster abilities. The health of monsters is visible via a health bar (graphical mode) or the color of the ASCII char (console mode). There are minor graphical improvements.


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