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LabPlot is a KDE application for data plotting and function analysis. It support both 2D and 3D plots and tries to emulate most of the functions supported by programs like Microcal Origin or SPSS Sigmaplot.

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Recent releases

  •  17 Dec 2007 19:00

    Release Notes: This release contains a lot of new features, such as an XML project format and HDF5 support. Memory management and data import have been improved. There are also a lot of small improvements in drawing and analysis functions.

    •  04 Apr 2006 18:37

      Release Notes: New analysis functions were added (noise, signal filter, auto-/cross-correlation, and capability analysis). The explorer dialog was improved by adding drag and drop functionality. A new axes tic style and fill between curves was added. The Legend now supports rich text. All dialog settings can be saved now.

      •  22 Aug 2005 12:29

        Release Notes: More weightings and residuals for regression and nonlinear fit were added. Wavelet and hankel transformation were added, and analysis functions were improved. Additionally improved was not only the surface and qwt 3D plot but also the behavior with nonlinear scales and the support for LaTeX labels. LabPlot now can import/export data from/to PostgreSQL, MySQL, and other sources via the KexiDB and Origin opj projects (Origin worksheets only). The scripting support was completely rewritten and many bugfixes were made.

        •  29 Mar 2005 13:43

          Release Notes: Nonlinear fit with any user-defined function with up to 9 parameter was added. One can now configure all default values for plot style and symbols. It is now possible to clone graphs and delete/clone plots easily. The import/export settings were improved with support for binary data. Additionally, LabPlot now supports a speed mode for large data sets and a data mode for inspecting data points. Marker, improved axis grids, and masking of data points (in spreadsheets and plots) were added in this release.

          •  20 Dec 2004 14:54

            Release Notes: A versatile spreadsheet for data import and editing was added. A better 3 dimensional plot with rotation and colormaps is also available. Data set operations and image manipulations are now supported. One can now import over 80 different images formats and export directly to PS, EPS, or PDF. The plots now use double buffering, and LabPlot supports scripting using QSA.

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            27 Jun 2003 11:22 eGs

            very, very good program!!!
            Is an excellent program whit very good characteristics


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