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Wombat Linux Server

Wombat Linux Server is a port of Linux that runs as an application on top of L4/Iguana.

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  •  25 Nov 2005 01:44

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    22 Feb 2006 09:55 mcoon

    OS Archetecture
    Cool project! Looking at the archetecture of this kernel (and its ability to run a psuedo-virtualized linux at nearly linux's native speeds) I fully expect to see the Linux kernel officially go in this direction in the near future.

    Tacked to my cube wall is a discussion between Tannenbaum (minix) and Linus from the 80s where it was decided that the microkernel archetecture was the way to go. Funny how its taken all this time to finally come 'round to proving its utility in the real world... not to mention implementing it.


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