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L-fire DM mod for Quake 2

L-Fire DM is a server-side mod that adds many significant features and bugfixes to Quake2. L-Fire DM includes such features as organized match support, anti-spam, highscore lists for each level, IP banning, custom map loops, permissions for admin users, profanity filtering, and various logging options. L-Fire DM is built on the same source base as L-Fire CTF. Currently, conditional compilation is used to create separate CTF and DM mods. After more CTF options are added to L-Fire DM (such as techs, grappling hook, etc.), L-Fire DM and L-Fire CTF will be released as a single integrated mod.


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22 Apr 1999 15:10 sprewell

New Installs - need to download configuration files
If you are making a new install, you will also need to download the configuration files, available from the L-fire Development website.


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