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KuickShow displays images using all available space, without wasting it with bars or menus. It also has smart automatic zooming which scales images according to size. You can use the integrated file browser to choose images, or navigate through a folder with the mousewheel or the keyboard. It also has fullscreen view and slideshow, and supports a wide range of image formats.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  13 Sep 2013 13:09

    Release Notes: src/imagewindow.cpp (init): the mouse wheel can switch between images now. The KStdAccel::save() and close() accels not working in the image window has been fixed.

    •  01 Nov 2002 18:36

      Release Notes: This release has automatic rotation of images when they contain the proper "Orientation" attribute in the metadata (i.e. JPEG EXIF), which is mostly set by digital cameras. There are more configurable shortcuts. The "default image modifications" (orientation, brightness/contrast, etc.) actually work now. The file browser now comes with a menu bar. Error are now shown when in fullscreen mode. Printing support is much improved. Image size is shown in the file browser's status bar and in the image window's title bar. There is a better thumbnail view. Cached images preserve orientation and rotation settings.

      •  16 Aug 2001 06:25

        Release Notes: Now completely smooth, flicker-free switching between images and zooming . Printing works now. Some shortcuts have been "inverted" (e.g. "b" brightens now, shift-b darkens). Adopted kdelibs 2.2 - works better with Multi-Head. Fixed a crash during zooming/switching images. Added Handcursor from qwertz for moving images. Made ChangeLog readable by KHelpCenter. Readded quit-button to toolbar - shows image size in the window caption. There is now a better filefinder in the browser.

        •  04 May 2001 18:37

          Release Notes: A fix for a rare crash during paging & zooming through images, a patch which fixes centering images in a multi-head setup, and a new handcursor for moving images.

          •  18 Mar 2001 00:17

            Release Notes: This is the first release of KuickShow for KDE 2.1. All the functionality from the KDE 1.1 version is available, as well as some new configuration options, a better filebrowser/manager, and misc. other new stuff.


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