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KProf is a visual tool for developers that displays the execution profiling output generated by gprof(1). Since the output of gprof is usually difficult to read, KProf presents the information in list-views or tree-views that make the execution profiling information very easy to understand. It can also process the output from the Palm OS Emulator profiler and the FunctionCheck profiler for Linux.


Recent releases

  •  18 Sep 2002 12:51

    Release Notes: An HTML-based call-graph view pane and a cross-referenced detailed method pane were included. The executable and profiler can now be specified through command line parameters.

    •  29 Jun 2001 16:30

      Release Notes: Printing support (using KHTML) was added. Diff mode was added to compare two profiling results. Bugs in the text parsers were fixed. The recursive column was removed. Recursive functions now carry an icon on the left of their names. Recent files are now remembered with a protocol matching the profiler from which they came.

      •  16 Apr 2001 14:09

        Release Notes: Support for Function Check and Palm OS Emulator profiling was added. The manual was completed. The parsers were restructured to customize fields for each profiler. New custom columns were added for each profiler. Debian packaging is now supported. The KProf.desktop file was fixed.

        •  15 Feb 2001 19:47

          Release Notes: Support for exporting call-graph data to GraphViz and VCG formats, support for opening gmon.out files and directly generating the profile results by "opening" an executable file, omitting function arguments in display unless the function has multiple signatures, font selection for the profile results list, C++ template abbreviation support (template names can optionally be shortened to [...] for readability purposes, much improved parsing of complex C++ class names (namespaces and subclasses are now properly recognized), several bugfixes, a preliminary documentation skeleton, and a new program icon.

          •  14 Sep 2000 23:39

            Release Notes: Bugfixes in the parser, column auto-resizing, synchonization of the three panes (selecting a function in one also selects it in the other), GNU autoconf, and some new help items and an "Open Recent" menu entry.


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