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KPowersave provides battery monitoring, CPU frequency control and suspend/standby triggers, and more power management features for KDE. It uses HAL (formerly the powersave daemon) and supports APM and ACPI for several architectures.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  26 Oct 2007 21:46

    Release Notes: This release includes autodim, brightness key handling, showing the suspend log in case of an error, a warning dialog with countdown before autosuspend, and active desktop session handling via ConsoleKit/PolicyKit (including letting powersave handle PM if a session becomes inactive). This release uses KDebug for logging and debugging. It includes many other (smaller) improvements and bugfixes, including translation updates.

    •  19 Feb 2007 02:35

      Release Notes: This release is a major step to the next stable KPowersave tree. With this version, the config dialog provides: create/delete schemes, per-scheme CPU Freq policy, define actions for button events (e.g. suspend to disk or shutdown), config battery levels and actions for each level, and define default battery and AC scheme. There is no longer any need to edit the config file manually. This release fixes many bugs from the last version, and updates some languages.

      •  23 Nov 2006 18:00

        Release Notes: This is the first version without a depencency on the powersave daemon/package. It depends on HAL >=, and uses it to get all hardware info and set suspend/brightness/CPUFreq. Depending on your system, you may need D-Bus and PolicyKit. pm-utils is preferred to suspend via HAL. This release handles complete schemes including: CPUFreq, battery warning levels and actions, AC/battery default schemes, and lidclose actions. Users can't change these new settings via the GUI, only the config file.

        •  02 Jul 2006 23:41

          Release Notes: This release depends on powersave >= 0.12.18. It fixes autosuspend and inactivity detection (workarounds for broken X libraries), fixes the DCOP function for autosuspend, fixes detection/handling if DBUS/HAL/powersaved are not running, fixes the config dialog to respect DPMS timeout rules, checks the applet menu before trigger autosuspend, fixes distribution detection in configure, and changes the default bug reporting links for dists. It adds missing DCOP functions, allows changing brightness with the mouse wheel over the applet icon, and updates the autosuspend blacklist and translations.

          •  14 May 2006 19:13

            Release Notes: This release fixes several UTF-8 issues for the knotify dialog, fixes tooltip and displayed remaining time on APM (incl. code cleanup), and fixes the detailed dialog for multiprocessor/-core machines without CPUFreq or throttling support and offline CPUs/Cores. It also include translation updates (fi, km, pl, and ru), an updated README, and an additional configure check for dbus-qt3-devel. For Fedora, it is strongly recommended to update powersave to 0.12.17 (powersave is added automatically to boot). For all other distributions, updating powersave is also recommended.


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