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KpGen is a password generator. It has some interesting features, like a random generator based on mouse movement with some strong options. It can also work as a hash calculator, calculating hashes of passwords and phrases.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  21 Jun 2009 19:25

    Release Notes: The installation system has been drastically improved. An uninstall option has been added. kpgen.desktop has been added. The Git version number has been added to the About tab. A custom version option has been added.

    •  17 Jun 2009 15:58

      Release Notes: Increased compatibility with the Windows32 build. Decreased options panel size. The options panel has been changed (only icons show now). The about page has been reformulated, adding the Build with QT version 4.x and using Qt Version 4.x, and adding a translators credits page. New pt_BR and pt_PT translations have been added. Links have been fixed to open in the default browser and default email client. readme.txt has been fixed. A "make install" option has been added.

      •  16 Jun 2009 15:10

        Release Notes: New icons. The quality progress bar has different colors depending on the password strength. The Save Log button now works. The bug that was freezing the program when the stack reached 0 is now fixed. The restore defaults button now works. The "start minimized" check button has been removed. A bug that was giving false 0 bit passwords has been fixed. Kpgen now checks if there is a system tray available. A bug that prevented Random Generator options from synchronizing with the system tray alias option has been fixed.

        •  13 Jun 2009 15:52

          Release Notes: System tray functionality was added. New icons were added. A bug that was giving invalid characters when "Ensure that the password has at least one character of each group" was selected was fixed. kpgen_config.h was added, which allows you to compile it without system tray functionality. Support for other languages was added.

          •  08 Jun 2009 21:01

            Release Notes: This is not a fully working release. Know Issues are: the program will block if the mouse stack reaches 0; log doesn't work yet; and Password Strength doesn't work yet.


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