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KOffice is an integrated office suite based on the KDE libraries. KOffice currently includes KWord, KSpread, KPresenter, KChart, Karbon14, Krita, Kexi, KFormula, Kugar, and Kivio. There are no special mail and news clients included in KOffice, because there are KMail and KNode available for KDE anyway. All KOffice components work together, and you can embed every KOffice component into any other KOffice component. This is realized using the KParts object model.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  10 Jun 2007 10:57

    Release Notes: This is the last maintenance release of the 1.6 series, containing mainly bugfixes.

    •  23 May 2007 04:46

      Release Notes: Bugfixes and minor new features in Krita and Kexi.

      •  30 Nov 2006 13:45

        Release Notes: Since this is a maintenance release, only two of the components, Krita and Kexi, have new features. Krita, the image editing application of KOffice, has gotten a new Color Level filter. The new features in Kexi, the desktop database application competing with MS Access, include parameter queries and a new combo box that takes advantage of the database relationships.

        •  17 Oct 2006 10:52

          Release Notes: This release is mostly a feature release of Krita and Kexi, but also contains major enhancements to the OpenDocument and MathML support in KFormula and new scripting functionality. This version also contains a vastly improved version of KPlato, the project planning application.

          •  14 Jul 2006 18:19

            Release Notes: This is the second bugfix release with fixes throughout all KOffice components. The translations have been updated.

            Recent comments

            04 Jun 2005 19:59 contusion

            Re: Amusing

            > That project description almost reads

            > like a satire article making fun of the

            > KDE application naming scheme. :)

            I don't feel anything funny about it. Though their package is not that good as openoffice

            22 Jun 2004 09:07 bcrowell

            very buggy
            I used to use kword 1.2.1, but it was very buggy: crashed constantly, printed debugging output to the console, produced bad PDF output. AbiWord seems much better than kword. Kspread 1.2.1 crashed within the first five minutes I used it.

            29 Oct 2003 07:25 alethes

            That project description almost reads like a satire article making fun of the KDE application naming scheme. :)


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