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KMidimon monitors events coming from a MIDI external port or application via the ALSA sequencer, or Standard MIDI Files. It is especially useful if you want to debug MIDI software or your MIDI setup. It features a nice graphical user interface, customizable event filters and sequencer parameters, support for all MIDI messages and some ALSA messages, MIDI playback, and saving the recorded event list to a text file or SMF.

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Recent releases

  •  28 Jul 2013 16:20

    Release Notes: This release adds a new Japanese translation and fixes a crash on exit when playing.

    •  17 Sep 2010 17:02

      Release Notes: The main feature in this release is loading and playing OVE files (Overture). New options have been added to request real-time priority on a MIDI input thread, and to (not) automatically resize columns while recording, which was mandatory formerly and caused some people to complain because of the amount of CPU power required. Among other fixes, there is better reporting of file loading errors and revised universal sysex messages translation.

      •  09 Mar 2010 22:50

        Release Notes: The main change in this release is the support for parsing and playback of Cakewalk WRK files using the Drumstick library. It is possible to open files from the command line, as well as drag and drop files into the main window from a file manager.

        •  23 Dec 2009 19:02

          Release Notes: Two new options, all/none, have been added to each fine-grained filter menu. The SMF info dialog shows the file creation and modification dates. Support for international encodings on MIDI text events has been added. SMF sequencer specific and unregistered meta-events are decoded and displayed. The open files dialog now uses a MIME-type filter instead of filename extensions. Playback loop and mute tracks options have been added. A new Czech translation has been included.

          •  10 Aug 2009 09:57

            Release Notes: New features include translation of notes, controllers, and program numbers into names, supporting the GM, GS, and XG standards. In addition to the old coarse filters, there are now more fine grained filters. A new dialog has been included to show information about the currently loaded sequence. To control the playback speed, there is a new tempo "zoom" slider allowing continuous scaling from 50% to 200%.


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