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KMatplot is an Origin-like tool for plotting data sets in either two or three dimensions. It can plot many ordinary types of 2D plots, including pixmaps, contours, and 3D surfaces. It offers a full WYSIWYG mode with many graphs on a single page and a simple command interface for Octave and Scilab.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  30 Jun 2002 16:17

    Release Notes: A new Qt-only GUI, which requires Qt 3.0.1, was written. A new graph wizard was added.

    •  24 Jan 2002 23:48

      Release Notes: Many bugs have been fixed. There is a new numeric Python module, a double buffering display mode, and examples. Some autoconf scripts have been updated.

      •  13 Dec 2001 21:16

        Release Notes: This release adds cut/copy/paste, undo/redo, a formula parser (still under development), a colored area under the surface, v-gradient, plotting of 4d data (still under development), custom tics values, fast selecting of graph elements by middle button click, and grouping/ungrouping of objects. It allows many pages in a single document. Axes can be freely added to / removed from a graph. Surfaces and contours can display non-gridded data (using Delunay triangulation). The general data storing policy has changed; vectors are stored as columns. There are many bugfixes.

        •  12 Jul 2001 18:04

          Release Notes: Surfaces now use a row index vector. This release has the ability to autorun from within Octave and Scilab, loads/saves arrow styles, no longer crashes when loading/saving or deleting objects, and has updated Scilab functions, global data sheets, rulers in the page view, and scatter and trajectory 3D plots. Exporting(requires) to Qt Metafile, PNG, JPEG, BMP, pdf(GhostScript), eps(Ghostscript), xfig(pstoedit) and other formats provided by GhostScript, pstoedit, or ImageMagick has been added.

          •  27 Apr 2001 06:11

            Release Notes: Major redesign - full page view, contour plots, and many other small changes.


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