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26 Mar 2001 17:39 dnaber

Important announcement for users of KMail 1.0.x
Are you still using KMail < 1.1.99? - it will stop
working correctly in September 2001. Please read
the official

27 Jun 2000 22:42 aexsome

Re: One little problem - it loses mail
I got that error using 1.0.28, but if you close Kmail, delete the .folder.index file, and restart Kmail, all messages are shown up correctly.

07 May 2000 07:37 winback

Kmail seems good
Kmail seems to be a good, and easy to use e-mail client. at least it's the best I've found for X.

27 Mar 2000 18:39 dsanders

Re: One little problem - it loses mail
You are right certain incorrectly formatted emails would confuse KMail. The message would be appended to the folder file on disk but the index file wouldn't be updated correctly.

This is the critical bug that is fixed in KMail, I suggest people use this instead of KMail 1.0.28.

As for having a large number of unresolved bugs this is also true. However many of these bugs have been resolved in the development version in the HEAD branch of CVS. Actually I decided to close bugs that have been fixed in the developmental version, this resulted in 60 of the 100 outstanding bugs being closed.

As for the remaining bugs 40 bugs it's all public information and people can check them out for themselves. If you look at the bug list you can see why some of them are difficult to close (I don't have either a Digital UNIX 4.0E or SGI Irix 6.x, machine for instance)

BTW Wyt thanks for reporting the bug, the development team has been concentrating on the developmental version (in which this bug has been fixed for a few months) and the stable version has been somewhat neglected.

12 Mar 2000 21:52 wyt

One little problem - it loses mail
Version 1.0.28 anyway, installed on two different systems, would occassionally show blank email titles with no message attached. However, deleting these, in turns out, was deleting email that it was having trouble with, and the mail was lost. If you look at the kdm bug-tracking system you'll see that kmail has a number of unresolved bugs, which is understandable and even forgivable in a fairly young program - but losing mail should never be tolerated in something widely distributed as part of the kdm environment.

A long night testing all the email readers listed on Freshmeat produced one that looks truly promising, with a fresh design and inventive features: arrow. Others have interesting designs, but immediately apparent bugs, or use nonstandard mailboxes, or are just plain ugly. Kmail isn't so ugly on the face, and has fairly nice mail sorting (altho procmail is worth the hour to learn, and more powerful) - but nothing's uglier than losing mail!


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