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Kludge3d is a simple 3D model editor in the spirit of Worldcraft or Milkshape. It is the offspring of several other GTK-based editors, with the best features taken from each. As the name implies, kludge3d is a kludge.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  23 Aug 2004 18:29

    Release Notes: This release adds cylindrical texture mapping to the texture application tool.

    •  24 Dec 2003 22:15

      Release Notes: A convenient way to run scripts without having to use the text entry box (saves typing), tool "roll-ups", an l-systems Python script, texture loading for wavefront files, and drag-and-drop loading of models have been added. Texture names are now relative to the model's path, not absolute. Many bugs have been fixed, including some show-stoppers. Some of the dialogs have been rewritten. Work has begun on loading/editing/saving "materials" (emission, specular, etc). New documentation was added for the scripting additions.

      •  20 Nov 2003 06:17

        Release Notes: A system for loading/storing/setting user preferences was added; several aspects of the program can now be set by the user. New tools were added: 4 polygon subdivision tools, polygon "turn edge", and polygon smoothing. Rendering speed was improved substantially. Some bugs related to the Python scripting entry were fixed. A "log window" was added, as well as code to redirect all of the program's output, especially the Python output, to the log window. Lots of new functions for the Python interface were added; the Python interface is much more useful now. A new set of Python scripts were added, called "".

        •  30 Sep 2003 04:35

          Release Notes: The GTK2 port is now complete. A Quake MD2 model loader and a PCX texture loader were added. The user interface was improved. Primitives are now reference-counted, which made it possible to implement "undo" actions for vertex and polygon deletion. Work was done toward making kludge3d "MDI-capable". The build script has been fixed for systems that have an incomplete Python installation. Memory leaks were fixed.

          •  26 Jul 2003 21:36

            Release Notes: The texture manager was rewritten to make use of GTK2's new list API. The bottom status bar code was rewritten and now works. The wavefront loader was fixed. A .md2 model loader was added. A .pcx texture loader was added. A GdkPixbuf-based texture loader was added, which means that nearly all image formats can now be loaded. The ability to flip the orthographic views around was added.


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