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j.eng kernel patchset

The j.eng kernel patchset contains a number of accumulated fixes as well as a number of new enhancements to the Linux kernel.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  20 Oct 2007 21:00

    Release Notes: This version is based on The new printk coloring, xt_TEE, xt_TCPOPTSTRIP, xt_time, xt_layer7 2.14, and aufs patches were added.

    •  05 Aug 2007 13:04

      Release Notes: New netfilter modules (xt_TRACE, xt_connlimit, xt_u32, xt_gateway, xt_TARPIT, xt_time) and tproxy4 have been added. A number of patches have been outsourced to standalone packages.

      •  19 Mar 2007 15:08

        Release Notes: ipt_layer7 has been ported to Other additions include RAIF, ipt_{ACCOUNT,ipp2p,time}, and Miklos' /proc/$$/fdinfo patch. This was verified to create no unresolvable conflicts against the vanilla kernel.

        •  12 Mar 2007 07:45

          Release Notes: A few components have been minimally upgraded: ipt_layer7 (2.9), ndis (1.38), and chaostables (0.5_svn24).

          •  27 Jan 2007 23:39

            Release Notes: tproxy, l7-filter 2.8, squashfs 3.2, and fuse 7.8 were upgraded. New components are openswan and chaostables 0.4.


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