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King of the Hill

King of the Hill (KOTH) is an artillery game in the grand old tradition of little tanks with ridiculously powerful weapons trying to blow each other up while trying to avoid getting blown up themselves. Koth features LibGGI for fast portable graphics, full client/server multiplayer, a few cool weapons, in-game chat, and nice terrain generation algorithm. Open source in the hopes that others will help out and make this a really great game.


Recent releases

  •  07 Feb 2003 06:58

    Release Notes: In this version, KOTH is now playable on fast computers. This release adds kick, new explosions, new weapons (black hole, laser, dirt curtain, dirt vaporizer, and depth charge), an infinite number of observers, a new status area in the battle window, a readiness indication in the pregame, a "who already fired" ingame bar, various bugfixes, and other minor changes.

    •  06 Jan 2003 01:15

      Release Notes: Many segfaults in the server, client, and bots, drawing problems (projectiles never getting erased), and some memory leaks have been fixed. The server's observers handling has been improved, and IRC's /me style message has been added.

      •  04 Sep 1999 14:44

        Release Notes: Almost too many to list. AI opponents, new weapons, new documentation, wind, walls, better chatting, improved graphics, scoring system, improved portability and of course bugfixes and new bugs. A CVS server is now available as well.

        •  04 Aug 1999 22:05

          Release Notes: Falling dirt, falling damage, three new weapons with documentation on how to write your own, now compiles/runs on sparc/solaris, and turn timeouts added for players that just sit there and don't fire.

          •  28 Jul 1999 06:46

            Release Notes: Radius damage fixed (gameplay is much better now), support for 15/16/24/32 bpp graphics modes, command line options to set the resolution to run at, autoconf/automake fixes.


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