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KImap is an IMAP e-mail client for KDE, based on KMail.


Recent releases

  •  19 Nov 2000 15:58

    Release Notes: The program now uses '%' instead of '*' as an IMAP-server wildcard, and will populate the view one level at a time. The imap-2000 patch now supports the TOP feature of POP. Viewing of uuencoded mail is now supported. Initial support for text/v-card attachments was added. Queueing a message for sending later is now working.

    •  21 Aug 2000 19:39

      Release Notes: This release adds SSL Support with imap-2000, changes to pgpbase to support non-blocking IO (progress-bar), a fix for deleting of attachments in the composer, and searching through messages (found messages are flagged in the result; you can delete/undelete/print/move on flagged messages).

      •  17 Mar 2000 19:28

        Release Notes: Use of IMAP 4.7, every second click on the column headers will invert the sort order, POP folders donīt automatically fetch an overview, enabling of printing for message parts, checking of detached signatures (a la mutt) properly with gpg, and fixes for some compiler errors and warnings.

        •  04 Jan 2000 23:04

          Release Notes: Fixes for some compiler errors and warnings, fake IPC and locking from KMail, a new docking capability (wonīt dock on minimize event yet), support for the secure feature of the imap-client so it wonīt use insecure authentication methods, and support for check mail feature. Note: the lock file still has the same name; KMAIL and KIMAP will call each other depending on which one was started first

          •  22 Dec 1999 20:46

            Release Notes: First release.


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