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Kim is an interactive, user friendly process manager for Linux. Features include process list, process tree, select more process, send all existing signals to one process or more processes, reload, process sort, display /proc/#/maps, display 45 information about all process, search in process list, display still actual uptime or system memory, zombie attention, and Kim allows you to save your settings and your profile definition.


Recent releases

  •  26 Mar 2000 22:40

    No changes have been submitted for this release.

    •  11 Oct 1999 17:39

      Release Notes: Added support for compilation on RedHat, bugfixes in sort and right mouse button, uses internal file viewer to display help screens, error reports include system error messages, improved y2k compliance, added one decimal to %CPU and %MEM, marked processes footing (%MEM, SIZE, RSS), xterm resize support (SIGWINCH), changes in the ini file profiling section, system information viewer as well as changes within the interface.

      •  05 May 1999 13:45

        Release Notes: Better ncureses interface, exactly width of tree, save /proc to file, load /proc from file, export /proc to ascii file, mouse support (Gmp), new profile editor, new config file format (.ini format), view more /proc, new sort methods, learn key, more options, non-interactive mode, locale support (native: English,translation: Czech), and hotkeys.

        Recent comments

        01 Sep 2003 19:57 fredlwm

        Doesn't work with 2.6 kernels
        It starts but when you press F4 eats all CPU and you have to kill it.

        19 Jan 2002 09:03 fredlwm

        A must have for any console
        I have been using this application in the last ~2 years and can't live without it anymore. It's almost a fully functional process manager. Apparently no distributions include it ? What a shame. I just hope the author won't give up.


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