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15 Aug 2001 13:24 mrshack

Re: Khexedit
KHexEdit is a great Hex Editor for KDE 2!

I had difficulty compiling KHexEdit under Caldera
Workstation 3.1 (Kernel 2.4.x; KDE 2.1.x; X 4.0.3) .
The problem appears to be in configure script. After
using configure with the command line options
described in the install file, edit the Make file with the
following command.

perl -pi -e 's|/opt/kde/|/opt/kde2/|g;' Makefile

You may need to repeat this for the make file which
exists in the khexedit directory.

04 Aug 1999 01:50 cypherpunks

One awesome beast of a hex editor. The best I ever used. Now the only functionality I want is a calculator functionality. binhexoctdec and an ascii chart


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