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KHexEdit is a versatile binary file editor. Its key features are undo/redo, overwrite/insert modes, hexadecimal, octal, binary or text only display, goto/search/replace/insert, character table, pretty printing (postscript), export to HTML, session management and drag/drop within the KDE environment and compatibility with Qt-1.4x and Qt-2.x.


Recent releases

  •  14 Dec 1999 17:33

    Release Notes: Important bugfixes concerning search/replace and file truncation when the file size has been reduced in the editor, and new features such as support for wheel mice, a tab bar (optional) that displays filenames of the open files, and a number of smaller fixes and improvements. The KDE-2 version can be used with the upcoming KDE-KRASH release.

    •  20 Sep 1999 13:07

      Release Notes: NEW FEATURES: Statistics (character count etc) dialog box. Selection size dialog box. Optional grid in editor. More colors in the editor: The line colors can be toggled from one line to the next. Step to next or previous open file by using Alt-RightArrow or Alt-LeftArrow. CHANGES: New layout in the "Colors" page of the "Customize" dialog box. BUGFIXES: A few minor fixes. See CHANGELOG for more details

      •  21 Aug 1999 17:28

        Release Notes: Added a Hex/Oct/Bin/Dec/ASCII chart with insert capability, HTML export support (with tables, colors, and a toc page), wihch is mostly WYSIWYG, the export dialog has been improved, the Qt-14x version has an extended preferences dialog box, and now remembers cursor position from one session to the next, the recent list can be cleared on exit or demand, and some bugs have been fixed.

        •  04 Aug 1999 03:39

          Release Notes: Qt-2 support (with new Qt-2 only features, such as improved XDND support, faster redrawing, and better layout), some bugfixes and refinements, added the ability to rememeber cursor position from one session to the next, improved string listing (sortable, either alphabetically or on increasing offsets). See the ChangeLog for more details.

          •  14 Jul 1999 01:51

            Release Notes: Fixed a bug where the command line file arguements were read but not used, and a bug where the cursor was not redrawn correctly. The "Conversion Field" can now be displayed in a floating window, the "Binary" entry in the "Conversion Field" can now display a window of bit values (window size 1-16bits). The bit view is not limited to the byte boundry. new binary filter methods have been added, a "-offset " command line option has been added, and the documentation has been extended.

            Recent comments

            15 Aug 2001 13:24 mrshack

            Re: Khexedit
            KHexEdit is a great Hex Editor for KDE 2!

            I had difficulty compiling KHexEdit under Caldera
            Workstation 3.1 (Kernel 2.4.x; KDE 2.1.x; X 4.0.3) .
            The problem appears to be in configure script. After
            using configure with the command line options
            described in the install file, edit the Make file with the
            following command.

            perl -pi -e 's|/opt/kde/|/opt/kde2/|g;' Makefile

            You may need to repeat this for the make file which
            exists in the khexedit directory.

            04 Aug 1999 01:50 cypherpunks

            One awesome beast of a hex editor. The best I ever used. Now the only functionality I want is a calculator functionality. binhexoctdec and an ascii chart


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