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Khayyam is a program for composing 3D scenes for rendering (similar to Poser and DAZ Studio). It can import character and scene models from many model formats (Poser, MD5, BSP, OBJ, 3DS, Collada, and formats used in most Illusion games). There is support for basic object placement, scaling, posing skeletal characters, and lighting. Scenes can be exported in POV-Ray format for rendering. Khayyam is implemented as a shell program using many libraries from the Floyd and Sodipodi projects.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  02 Apr 2011 22:58

    Release Notes: This release includes a refactored pose/animation converter that makes it possible to port BVH animations between different skeleton topologies. There is also a standalone skeletal animation container that can store the converted motions. Many smaller bugs were fixed in all areas.

    •  10 Mar 2011 15:14

      Release Notes: This release fixes the incorrect gamma of exported PNG textures so POV-Ray renders will now look nearly identical to Khayyam screens. Both directional lights and spotlights cast shadows. There is support for importing Illusion Yuusha models and exporting BVH animation files with user-specified root bone. Many bugs were fixed in various places.

      •  23 Feb 2011 00:06

        Release Notes: This snapshot adds support for importing prepackaged Poser material and pose files (pz2 file format). Also, transparency maps are now automatically added to texture images. Many bugs were fixed, most notably the deformation sphere placement that caused some vertices to displace during transformations.

        •  14 Feb 2011 20:34

          Release Notes: This snapshot release adds almost complete support for Poser/DAZ 3D figures, clothes, and hair. The Collada importer can now read instance geometries (i.e. static objects) in addition to skinned meshes. Also, as usual there are many bugfixes and new smaller features.

          •  30 Jan 2011 14:50

            Release Notes: This is a snapshot release from the latest development tree. There is now support for importing OBJ and 3DS models and exporting objects in OBJ format. Also, the Collada importer and exporter work with the latest Blender release (2.5). Separate objects can be saved into a thumbnailed library to save time in importing. There are basic IK chain based skeleton editing and bone constraints.


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