kf is a small Jabber client for GNU/Linux. It aims to be both simple and powerful, and is designed for the advanced user.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  27 Apr 2005 20:05

    Release Notes: This release fixes some build issues and compiles with GtkSpell for spellchecking support.

    •  25 Apr 2005 01:31

      Release Notes: The UI has been polished. Chatroom invitations have been added. Some minor bugs have been fixed.

      •  24 Mar 2005 21:14

        Release Notes: kf now displays links in headline message boxes. In group chats, nicknames are colored.

        •  20 Mar 2005 15:45

          Release Notes: Message Archive was fixed. The docklet menu is now more functional.

          •  26 Feb 2005 01:44

            Release Notes: This update includes support for managing privacy lists (privacy lists are the equivalent of email filters in instant messaging), custom roster icons, and user interface updates. Several bugs have been fixed.

            Recent comments

            08 Jun 2004 17:44 Tomble

            Current status (my impressions)
            Well, the readme says it probably has bugs, and
            I'd say that yes, it does.
            Most obvious is the way
            that both windows flicker insanely until I click on
            either of them -the debug messages mention about
            glade not being able to find the gnome libraries
            (that's because I have no intention of installing
            gnome), so perhaps that's related. There's also
            mention of "could not find signal handler
            'on_popup_group_activate'", which might make a
            difference too, I don't know.
            At least after I've
            stopped it, the flickering doesn't return until the
            next time I start the program.
            Second problem, there's not much (none?) instructions,
            and a lot of things in the UI are slightly ambiguous,
            but that's not quite such an issue to me yet because
            Thirdly, and most importantly, it will not
            let me connect to the server I got the account on.
            It seemed to let me create the account,
            oddly. Another client connects to it without problems.

            Possible clue is the message:
            CRITICAL **: file lm-connection.c: line 1547
            (lm_connection_set_proxy): assertion `proxy
            != NULL' failed
            Which is strange, because I have "use proxy"
            unselected. Anyway, I recognise this is
            a relatively new project, at version
   as I write this, so perhaps things like these
            will improve in time. I hope so, because there don't
            seem to be any decent Jabber clients
            out there that I can use.


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