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14 Mar 2007 11:32 marvinr

Re: err... have you seen this?
I think it's funny to reply on this message more than two years later. Look at the state of this project now. KeyTouch has been download over 200.000 times from and is included in a number of Linux distributions.
I do not disagree with your arguments above, but I just wanted to do it my own way and it seems that it wasn't a bad idea at all.

- Marvin Raaijmakers

22 Oct 2004 05:06 gvy

Re: err... have you seen this?

> So, what's the problem?

Effort duplication, usually. Then we tend to end up with 300 "simple console CD players" but either non-obvious, or non-universal, or non-documented, or unable to cope with some local peculiarities actual for you region.

Please don't get me wrong but usually doing the same thing together yields more than just doing it from scratch... and there's at least lineak project to present alternatives spectrum already.

BTW, sven maintainer is quite nice person to communicate and collaborate with :-)

22 Oct 2004 04:10 marvinr

Re: err... have you seen this?

> sven

So, what's the problem?

19 Oct 2004 11:29 gvy

err... have you seen this?
sven (


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