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Netplug is a Linux daemon that manages network interfaces in response to network cables being plugged in and out. If you're familiar with Windows XP, which just does the Right Thing when you plug an ethernet cable into a laptop, netplug will need no further explanation. Basically, netplug brings up an interface and runs a DHCP client when a cable is plugged into that interface, and it brings the interface down when the cable is unplugged. On a typical Linux system or laptop, you have to run a command (such as "/sbin/ifup") manually to handle these events, but netplug automates this for you.

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Recent releases

  •  08 Jan 2005 08:13

    Release Notes: A longstanding bug with writing out the PID file was fixed. Changes were synched from Fedora Core 3. Numerous minor documentation and installation changes were made.

    •  15 May 2004 04:42

      Release Notes: This is a security and robustness updates following a code review. Netplug is now substantially more robust in the face of misbehaving network drivers and malicious users.

      •  25 Sep 2003 21:15

        Release Notes: A new state machine makes it much less likely that netplugd will behave pathologically.

        •  29 Aug 2003 03:21

          No changes have been submitted for this release.


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