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Kexis is a lossless WAV file compressor. Its main goal is to develop prediction and encoding schemes to minimize compressed file sizes. It strives to be the premier lossless sound encoder.


Recent releases

  •  22 Sep 2000 22:26

    Release Notes: Logic that tries to use similarities between channels can be turned off at the command line. A few issues relating to compiling on NT and 98/2000 have been fixed. A new commandline switch which allows you to delete WAV files after compression was added. When decoding to stdout, Kexis properly keeps stdout open when decoding multiple files. Also, the progress bar correctly displays mid and averages when decoding.

    •  09 Sep 2000 03:30

      Release Notes: Seperation of the streams into frames of fixed size (user selectable), preprocessing of frames to select the best predictor for that frame (a new predictor -pr5), a fix for a bug where file names could become warped when doing multiple file encodes or decodes, changing of -en# and -pr# to -en # and -pr #, more UNIX-like and a lot easier to use in script automation, and a shell script in the package to help test decoding and encoding validity with md5sum.

      •  06 Sep 2000 21:22

        Release Notes: Kexis has had a total rewrite of its bit manipulation code to verify the correctness and speed of the output produced. This version has been tested with several encoders/decoders and verified to produce correct data. Kexis is now much faster, 2x to 3x faster or more compared to 0.1.5. A more Robust WAV file parser was added to take non-canonical file formats. Kexis also can now encode/decode multiple files at a time. Because of the new speed tweaks, the way data is saved is different; this means you MUST decompress any 0.1.5 files with Kexis 0.1.5 before you recompress with 0.2.0.

        •  30 Aug 2000 14:34

          Release Notes: This release fixes the bloat bug in 0.1.4. An integer divide creeped in where a floating point divide was supposed to be, causing rounding errors. 0.1.4 Produced lossless data, but at a non optimum compression rate. Please decompress with 0.1.4 and recompress with 0.1.5. Kexis 0.1.5 will not be able to read some of 0.1.4's file formats, so you must decompress with 0.1.4 first. To keep this from hapening again, there will be no new releases until kexis undergoes a battery of release tests.

          •  29 Aug 2000 17:53

            Release Notes: This release breaks past file formats, due to a bug in the file format. You can use version 0.1.3 to convert your files back into WAVs, and then use 0.1.4 to recompress them. As long as you use 0.1.3 to decompress, you won't see the bug. The new compressed files will be smaller. A new encoder was added for tighter compresion. A new predictor was added that in most cases is not optimal. Kexis is now close to, or better than Shorten in compressed file size.


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