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Keso is an editor for scores and orchestras. Or, more precisely, a tracker-like GUI for the powerful softsynth Csound. It lets the user write music in patterns, and arrange those patterns in sequences. It will produce orchestra and score files that can be played or rendered by Csound. The user interface consists of different editors. Each editor is a plugin that can be removed or replaced, and new editors can be added while the program is running.


Recent releases

  •  10 Feb 2004 13:36

    Release Notes: Some bugs in the build system were fixed. No new features or code changes were made.

    •  08 Feb 2004 15:35

      Release Notes: This version requires gtkmm2 instead of gtkmm1.2.

      •  01 Aug 2002 20:42

        Release Notes: This version of Keso has support for polyphonic instruments (in previous versions, only one note for each instrument could be played at the same time). There is also a new dialog window in which you can change some instrument settings, such as input modes and default values; right-click on an instrument in the orchestra editor to pop up a menu through which you can choose to remove the instrument or show the settings dialog. The sequence editor only shows sequences for instruments with patterns, and a new column has been added in which you can edit the tempo (in beats per minute).

        •  24 Jun 2002 15:01

          Release Notes: This release has some new functions, such as a popup menu with different commands in the pattern editor and a song info editor which allows you to type in the title, the authors name, and some info about the song. Some bugfixes and other small changes were also made.

          •  11 Jun 2002 18:20

            Release Notes: Almost all the code from 0.2 has been moved to a shared library, which is used by a new GUI program (based on gtkmm). There are GUI editors for the orchestra, the patterns, the sequences, and the ftables. It is still a bit rough, but now it is possible to generate Csound files. There are no instruments included in this release though.


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