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Keepalived for Linux

Keepalived for LVS aims to add a strong and robust keepalive facility to the Linux Virtual Server project. This project is written in C with multilayer TCP/IP stack checks. It implements a framework based on three family checks: Layer3, Layer4, and Layer5. This framework gives the daemon the ability of checking a LVS server pool states.When one of the servers in the LVS server pool is down, keepalived informs the Linux kernel via a setsockopt call to remove this server entry from the LVS topology. In addition, it implements a VRRPv2 stack to handle director failover.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  13 May 2014 13:44

    Release Notes: This release adds VRRP fixes and extensions, and extends and unifies the checker framework.

    •  10 Feb 2014 12:42

      Release Notes: Fixes memory reallocation.

      •  28 Jan 2014 15:10

        Release Notes: This release fixes some minor memory leaks, adds better libnl support and selection, and adds some cosmetics.

        •  03 Jan 2014 10:20

          Release Notes: VRRP unicast TTL fix. Support to newer libnl. More IPv6 support. Fixes/extends VRRP gratuitous ARP handling. Supports xmit VRRP packets from the base VMAC interface. VRRP multicast group tweaking. Fixes VRRP socket sync while leaving FAULT state. Code cleanup and cosmetics.

          •  10 Nov 2013 14:20

            Release Notes: This release extends VRRP code for faster sync and transition, fixes VRRP unicast code to support routed packets, fixes VRRP checksum computation, extends VRRP code tweaking IPv6 VIP installation by disabling DAD algo and setting a deprecated flag, fixes some issues in the checker framework while processing hysteresis, and extends the checker framework to support use of status_code and digest at a time.


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