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01 May 2010 18:36 jrepin

The best IDE! I love the new syntax cheking and code navigation in KDevelop 4. Can't wait for the Java support.

12 Aug 1999 16:25 kingarthur

By far the best
KDevelop is by far the best Development IDE for Linux I have used. It's look and feel is quite similar to that of MS Visual C++. The key bindings are a bit different and difficult to get used to if all you have used in the past is MS VC++, but it is well worth the try.

KDevelop takes most of the work out of writing Makefiles (if not all of the work), configuration files and the likes.

KDevelop gets my vote!!!

02 Aug 1999 18:09 pludov is down :<
You may find kdevelop at

02 Aug 1999 06:04 nuku

homepage offline...?!
well, sounds good this program - but the homepage seems to have dns problems. hope they fix it soon :)

27 Jun 1999 22:53 kof

This IDE is where it's at.


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