Comments for KDE Software Compilation

22 Aug 2012 03:42 domperignon

I've recently moved from Windows to Linux and had to try many different desktop environments. KDE is simply the best, thanks for this great project!

12 Jun 2012 06:20 yanestra

May I suggest to rename this project "KDE SC", because at some time, the project people started calling themselves "KDE", and the software "KDE SC"?

Besides this, thank you and keep up the good work!

07 May 2011 12:03 jrepin

Simply the most powerful. the most advanced and very beautiful desktop environment. I also like it how much customizable it all is.

08 Oct 2009 11:46 gwr3n

Are the constant program crashes and glitches still an issue with this desktop environment?

<a href"">Roberto Rossi</a>

28 Jul 2005 09:32 tuxjay

great desktop shell but..
I've switched backwards and forwards between KDE and enlightenment/fluxbox for a long time now. KDE is a wonderful project and I think it's second to none in terms of features and integration.

I hope that the 3.4.2 release provides an experience that is not as bug ridden as the 3.4.1 release. I have considered every release of KDE so far to be too frustrating to be able to use for any length of time due to constant program crashes and glitches.

04 Oct 2004 19:54 Renegade_Kilroy

Awesome desktop
I usualy swap between kde and fluxbox. I use kde if i want to show off my system, and i use flux all the rest of the time. kde is good, everything is integrated so well that it makes it extreamly easy to use. it is also endlessly configurable, and extreamly easy to do so. i probably would use kde more if i hadnt had so many problems with it. but all in all i feel it is a great desktop and has an excelent community and choice of software

12 Mar 2004 09:38 koster11

nice. thx

26 Nov 2003 11:36 jlgroce

Why not?
Free, and great material. Why not?

27 Oct 2003 11:53 2calvary

kde is easy to get used to
getting used to the look and feel is easy

12 Mar 2003 17:26 nothingnobody

free is good.


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