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KcmPureFTPd is a KDE KControl module for configuring the pure-ftpd FTP server. It lets users configure their server securely and conveniently, without the burden of knowing tons of command line switches.


Recent releases

  •  21 Nov 2003 18:49

    Release Notes: A "*" was forgotten in an option separator for the Red Hat script template. It has been put in place, and old and unused script files and debugging information have been removed. The spec file for Mandrake 9.x is now working.

    •  04 Nov 2003 19:25

      Release Notes: Code has been added to manage scripts based on script templates. The code for loading and saving script templates has been improved. Script generation now fully works, although only two templates are provided for the moment. The documentation was improved.

      •  03 Oct 2001 18:42

        Release Notes: Suport has been added for multiple authentication methods in pure-ftpd 0.99.2. Support is not finished (only the GUI and some poor functionality) but is functional. New options from pure-ftpd 0.99 have been added. The XML DTD has been extended to allow configuring of pure-ftpd status, start, stop, and reload. There are new XML templates for Debian and RedHat 7.x and 6.x startup scripts. The GUI has undergone a little reorganization and enhancement, and now uses its own DoubleSpinbox class. There is an initial Danish translation.

        •  18 Jul 2001 22:13

          No changes have been submitted for this release.


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