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kcmdhcpd is a configure program for the ISC DHCP-Server for the KDE-project.


Recent releases

  •  28 Dec 2003 19:59

    Release Notes: In the configuration parser, global options were not added to the data structure. Some unused variables have been cleaned up. The parser structure is notified when the user changes some data. The configuration file is only saved when something has actually changed.

    •  15 Apr 2003 20:19

      Release Notes: This release adds lots of changes to get it to compile with gcc 3.2.2. yacc- and flex-generated source files now solve a lot of problems. A spec file for RPM creation is now included.

      •  11 Apr 2003 21:18

        Release Notes: The parser has been rewritten in yacc/lex. There is a new GUI look, local and remote administration, the ability to start/stop/restart/reload DHCP servers, the ability to see log output from the commands that are executed, a syntax error dialog with higlighted lines, and conditional compilation to disable features that are only available in KDE-CVS.

        •  12 May 2000 21:40

          Release Notes: kcmdhcpd now compiles with Kde-2; note that all functionality isn't implemented in this release.

          •  09 Feb 1999 14:11

            Release Notes: A new advanced options dialog, included support for a lot of new servers and multiple servers does now work.

            Recent comments

            13 Aug 2003 08:38 gildogg

            How do I use this?
            The screen shots look bad I can't even figure out how to access the program. The tar ball does not appear to build any executables nor does it create any icons or menu entries. I built and installed it with no errors, but can find no way to access the program. Severe lack of documentation.


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