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KBiff is a KDE "biff" or new mail notification utility. It is highly configurable but very easy to use and setup. It supports session managment (it "remembers" the last state it was in before you logged off) and can be docked into the panel. It has support for mbox (Unix-style), maildir (qmail-style), mh, POP3, IMAP4, and NNTP mailboxes.

Operating Systems

Recent releases

  •  21 Mar 2011 23:27

    Release Notes: This is the long-awaited KDE 4 release.

    •  05 Oct 2008 23:21

      Release Notes: Status window fixes for multi-monitor setups. KDE 2 support has been removed. A 'stopped' icon state has been added. There are many automake/configure/Makefile updates. This is a generic refresh after three years of being dormant.

      •  11 Sep 2005 11:10

        Release Notes: Support for CRAM-MD5 and APOP authentication was added. A few other minor changes were made.

        •  11 Sep 2003 18:06

          Release Notes: Support for using SSL with POP3 and IMAP4 has been added.

          •  08 Nov 2002 06:57

            Release Notes: In this version, KBiff no longer crashes when the mouse hovers over the icon and no longer reports "trashed" mails in a Maildir as unread, and the Debian subdirectory was updated.


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