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KBibTeX is a BibTeX editor for KDE to edit bibliographies used with LaTeX. Features include comfortable input masks, starting Web queries (e. g. Google or PubMed), and exporting to PDF, PostScript, RTF, and XML/HTML. As KBibTeX is using KDE's KParts technology, it can be embedded into Kile or Konqueror.


Recent releases

  •  19 May 2014 19:06

    Release Notes: Various bugfixes since 0.5, such as: sorting issues in the main list, crashes when searching PDF files, proper registration as the default BibTeX editor, and proper parsing of filenames on the command line.

    •  15 Jan 2014 19:50

      Release Notes: This release's main features include initial support for BibLaTeX, a Suggestion editor as in old KDE3 versions, a "Find PDF" function to locate PDF files through Web search engines, new online database searches (MathSciNet, Ingenta Connect, Inspire Hep, SAO/NASA ADS, ISBN DB, and JStor), improved memory management, and numerous bugfixes and improvements.

      •  15 Oct 2012 16:39

        Release Notes: Various bugfixes and minor feature enhancements throughout the project: Web searches improved, more tolerant on imported documents, and usability improvements.

        •  24 Nov 2011 20:05

          Release Notes: Support for Windows (compiles out of the box). More online search engines: SpringerLink, PubMed, ACM Digital Library, JSTOR, IEEE Xplorer, and Science Direct. Improvements in all other online search engines: Google Scholar, arXiv, and BibSonomy. Duplicate finding and merging code and user interface. BibTeX references can be sent to LyX via a pipe.

          •  02 Jun 2011 11:06

            Release Notes: Selection of pasted elements was corrected. Handling of encodings in BibTeX files was improved, including storing settings in file. Handling of duplicated fields and multiple values in one fieled (e.g. keywords) when loading BibTeX files was improved. Regular expressions were improved to detect URLs, files, and DOI numbers. Various GUI fixes were made. A link to the bug tracker homepage was added.


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