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kavi2svcd is a GUI for generating MPEG files from an AVI file using transcode and mplex. It then generates a Video CD image using vcdimager and burns to CD with cdrdao. It can generate m1v, m2v, and mpa files, multiplex the MPEG file, generate cue and bin files, and allows the generated command lines to be edited before executing them.


Recent releases

  •  02 Apr 2006 08:36

    Release Notes: Batch mode for the mplex tab was fixed.

    •  01 Apr 2006 03:05

      Release Notes: Several fixes in the batch mode. The video bit rate calculation has been reworked.

      •  18 Jun 2005 19:18

        Release Notes: The configuration of video/audio encoders was separated from the transcode tab, leaving only basic settings on the main transcode tab. The configuration of the default DVD bitrate is now allowed. The third option for -X and -B is now used. The PrefDialog was fixed. When chooseing the input file, the duration will also be displayed. --use_rgb is used instead of -V. The default is now -V, and --use_rgb should be used if you want the old behavior. DVD was added to the basic mode. All external processes were fixed by using KProcess, as the QProcess left running child processes.

        •  16 Jan 2005 06:46

          Release Notes: This release increased burn speed, added support for splash screens, and an export_fps option, which is useful for transcoding MOV files generated by Cinelerra to MPEG. In getinfoclass, tcprobe frames now also work with MOV files. The hh:mm output was fixed.

          •  26 Sep 2004 09:35

            Release Notes: The bug in the basic mode was fixed. English documentation was written. The --overburn for cdrdao was added. The basic mode was reworked: a complete C++ class was removed, and an output window was added. The preview in the basic mode was fixed. The 0% problem was fixed. DVD support was added. kvcd can now be used. The handling of profiles was improved.

            Recent comments

            12 Sep 2003 17:51 winsurfn

            yep this works well
            this is just a front end to several other apps as claimed, but it makes it pretty easy to do it all.

            mind you its the same old story with mandrake 9.1 nothing seems to work the first time, but with a bit of fiddling i was able to create vcd2s that were easy to watch.

            there seems to be a problem with mandrake and the configure script (uic errors) used for several apps insomuch as when i changed klineedit to KLineEdit the script runs fine, and apps compile without any other problems. (yep maybe somewhere there is a KLineEdit that needs to be changed to klineedit but this way worked)

            one tip however is to use cdrdao to burn the cd instead of cdrecord, which seems to have a problem with the default command line syntax associated with cuefile=
            (even after updating cdrecord 2.0 to 2.0.6)

            if you want to create vcd this front end is well worth a look.


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