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Katie is a revision control system, somewhat like a cross between CVS and NFS, that was inspired by Rational ClearCase. The three most interesting features are that the repository is mounted as a filesystem (rather than being copied to a local workspace), that all versions of all files (even deleted ones) are accessible through this filesystem (so the "katie diff" command is a convenience rather than a necessity like "cvs diff"), and that directories are versioned (just like files are). It is functional enough to be self-hosting, but there is much work still to go before it will be a generally useful tool. Features that are implemented already include VOBs, elements, branches, dynamic views, view-extended pathnames, config specs (including auto-make-branch rules), labels, hard links, and symbolic links.


Recent releases

  •  07 Mar 2003 18:20

    Release Notes: Support has been added for VOB symlinks, VOB hard links, and 'katie ln'. This allows for files to be 'undeleted' if they have been removed with 'katie rmname', and it also permits directory contents to be merged manually. A number of miscellaneous bugs were also fixed.

    •  30 Jan 2003 19:26

      Release Notes: Support has been added for view->VOB hard links, 'katie uncheckout', and 'katie diff'. A few other minor enhancements and bugfixes have also been made.

      •  05 Dec 2002 15:32

        Release Notes: View-private symlinks, 'katie mv', and 'kimport' have now been implemented. Co-existence with an NFS server is now possible. A few other minor enhancements, various speed improvements, and bugfixes have also been made.

        •  17 Oct 2002 16:51

          Release Notes: Support for checkin/checkout comments has been added, along with the new subcommands 'lshistory' and 'lscheckout'. A bunch of bugs which prevented the client and server from working on FreeBSD have been fixed. A bundle of man pages was added.

          •  03 Feb 2002 11:21

            Release Notes: In this version, branches have now been implemented (along with katie mkbrtype and mkbranch commands). Config specs now support the selection of branches, and katie checkout has been extended to support multi-level auto-make-branch. Various cleanups have been made to the handling of checked-out revisions, such as including them in VOB-extended file-space and allowing labels to be attached to them.


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