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Kaputt is a testing tool for the Objective Caml language. It features both assertion-based tests (like in the xUnit framworks) and specification-based tests (like in the QuickCheck tool).


Recent releases

  •  29 Aug 2012 18:54

    Release Notes: A new 'Mock' module provides a means of recording calls made to a function. A new preprocessor allows you to store tests in separate '.mlt' files. Support for specification of partial functions (i.e. raising exceptions) has been added. The codebase has been updated for OCaml 4.00.0. Bugs in bigarray and nums support were fixed.

    •  20 Feb 2011 14:31

      Release Notes: Updates were made for Objective Caml 3.12.0. A new, ocamlbuild-based build system was added. Assertion builders were added for data containers. Generators were added for functions (both total and partial). Enumerators were added for file contents (chars, bytes, lines, and marshalled values). Additional shell commands and the possibility to configure shell syntax were added. Big array and big num support was enhanced. A possible non-termination on unsatisfiable precondition was fixed. Reduction was implemented to try to produce smaller counterexamples. An unportable use of "which" was fixed. Failure of tests on 64-bit platforms was fixed.

      •  17 Dec 2009 19:04

        Release Notes: This release has switched to OCaml 3.11.1. It has support for enumeration-based tests, a new output mode (JUnit-compatible XML), some added tests, support for ocamlfind installation, and minor code refactoring and improvements. Bug #45, better handling of dependencies to 'bigarray' and 'num', has been addressed.

        •  31 May 2009 15:51

          Release Notes: 'Assert.assert_xyz' functions have been renamed to '' (old functions are temporary kept as 'deprecated'). There is support for Big_int, Num, Map, Set, Hashtbl, Queue, Stack, Weak, and Bigarray, support for shell-based tests, and new output modes (HTML, XML, and CSV).

          •  24 Nov 2008 03:12

            No changes have been submitted for this release.


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