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23 Jan 2007 02:35 roweigert

Coversearch over google
Seems like google changed theyr code of
picture-search over night.
I already fixxed the
You have to get version

I hope google does'nt change again in the near

10 Dec 2006 12:45 roweigert

Re: Does not compile

I guess you are missing the taglib-devel-package.
The header-file missing is from taglib.

The configurefile does not check at all what is

Taglib is one of the things k-yamo needs.




mysql,cdparanoia,lame (or

10 Dec 2006 02:15 jodda

Does not compile
The ./configure went fine. But when going to compile I get this error message:

.. taglib-interface... taglib/audioproperties.h: No such file..

Either the configure does not check all, or the package is incomplete.

10 Jun 2006 11:34 roweigert

Re: Bugfix for 0.42a2
The patch isn't needed anymore, because I uploaded
a new version containing that patch. I did this
because there where compiling-problems with Suse
10.1. Maybe on other distros too, I simply don't know.
So if you always had compiling-problems relating
some little-endian-errors, this release fixes this.

In no way this release stands for the state of

The musicbrainzcode is simply not complete, so I
could not include it. But if you want to to keep track
with my status, just take a look at the
project-homepage. I will always try to write all my
work there.

06 Jun 2006 11:17 roweigert

Bugfix for 0.42a2
I have uploaded a small bugfix for k-yamo on the

Project-Homepage. It removes the bug, that causes

K-Yamo to save the wrong file on certain

circumstances. There is also a howto for the fix.


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